Разработка мобильных приложений

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Creation of modern mobile applications for Android and iOS using only current technologies


Designing databases, RESTAPI and other individual solutions for maximum productivity of your project


Solutions for automating internal business processes, many years of experience working with projects in various fields of activity

We will solve your problems!

Many years of experience working with business projects in various fields

The main focus of our team is writing mobile applications for iOs and Android. Which also includes writing an API and designing databases and integrating them into the project. In a comprehensive product for your business, we also offer additional solutions. Such as a CRM system and an administration system for managing work processes, as well as a website for promoting your business.

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Gallery Some of our projects

1. Plan

Drawing up an individual project work plan.

2. Coordination

Coordination of visual and functional solutions, making adjustments.

3. Development

The implementation of all parts of the project, the integration of third-party services, the integration of components into a single whole.

4. Test

Comprehensive testing of the project, reproduction of work scenarios, debugging of revealed inconveniences of the system.

5. Publication

Preparation for publication and publication of mobile applications, placement of resources on servers, configuration of the work of parts of the project and the project as a whole.

Services What can we do for you?

Mobile development

We write cool modern applications for iOS / Android platforms and adapt any system to a mobile device


We integrate with payment systems, automated accounting, CRM systems and any system that has an API


We do not drop orders in the middle or at a difficult time and always help to bring the project to its completion

UI / UX Design

We will design a user-friendly and user-friendly interface with a pleasant appearance


We will write pure professional code using only popular frameworks such as ReactJS and Angular


We develop and design the server part to ensure interaction with the application and other services

Developers Well-coordinated foundation of our development team

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    Android Developer

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    IOs Developer

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    Frontend Developer


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    Backend Developer

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    UI/UX Designer

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    Database Designer


Where we are and how to contact us


Barnaul, Altai Krai, Russia


8 961 993-51-48